I had a dream

In this dream, I was a witch, but working by day at the law firm I used to work six years ago. The boss of that office was my platonic love for around ten years. Completely platonic, meaning that I did not want to bed him, I just wanted to see him succed and be happy.

So, in the dream, that office was going to be attacked by demons and I was preparing the defense with a few friends of mine, forming a perimeter with spells, rehearsing kicks and punches… And that boss was there, trusting in me and my team and being funny and awesome. My armor was studded leather to prevent scratches.

This morning, I woke up needing to contact that boss.

So I sent him an email.

Hoping he doesn’t know that I used to platonically love him, and that he’ll write back telling me that he’s great and still remembers me.